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Vines will grow almost anywhere in the United Kingdom, and selected early varieties will ripen in unlikely places. The downloadable notes are a guide  to growing and training on the system called double guyot, a simple cane replacement system. When you order vines you will receive a hard copy of these notes.

Prepare the planting holes and make sure the ground is well drained. Square holes are better than round ones especially if the soil is heavy. Vines will grow anywhere except in seriously waterlogged soil. Ideal ph is around 6.5 but they are tolerant from 6 - 7.5.

Rooted cuttings : Do not let the roots dry out upon receipt. If not planted straight away in the final position due to unsuitable conditions then make sure they are either heeled in or potted on and not allowed to dry out. Plant in their final position once the soil has dried out and warmed up. Vines can be grown in large pots/barrels but this will limit their fruiting potential.

Bare wood cuttings : Again as soon as possible on receipt bury these at least two buds deep either in pots or in a nursery bed outside. Ensure you plant the right way up - the top has a slanted cut and the bottom a flat one. Bottom heat helps rooting - but keep the tops cool to prevent early bud burst.

For full instructions please download this pdf.

Growing Instructions - Nov 2016.pdf